Shelton History Center

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Particularly, the Mayfest that was held in 1999.

Shelton History Center
The Historical Society in Shelton CT was established in 1969.

Five historical structures make up the Shelton History Center.

Old Red Wilson Barn
The historic Shelton Connecticut farmhouse and the Wilson barn restoration.

Colonial Period Dress
The Shelton History Center members hold a Mayfest Celebration. See the historical society members in period colonial costumes.

Colonial Crafts and Early American Trades
Learn the Colonial crafts of the settlers that were demonstrated, such as embroidery, and quilting.and the Colonial trades of the settlers did, such as chair making, and blacksmithing.

Civil War Reenactment
A Civil War camp is pitched, and a firing line is established for all to watch. A historical representation of the Union soldiers.

Colonial Games and Activities
See some colonial dressed children gathering to play colonial games, and other activities.

Shelton History

This information is gathered from our own personal trips to Shelton CT. Information on the pages may change as far as restaurants, hotels, things to do, etc.

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