Shelton Day Event

Every year in the first weekend of October the city of Shelton holds it's very own Shelton Day.

This is a very special event. Lots of Arts and Crafts, popcorn, cotton candy, polish sausage, funnel cakes and fried dough.

Lots of rides and games for the kiddies too.

Shelton has had it's very own day since the first Sunday of October 1984.

The First Shelton Day

Ralph Matto, president of the newly formed Shelton Commerce and Industry Association created the idea.

The original purpose of the event was so the residents of Shelton could Come Down and Look Us Over

Meaning, that since they had started renovations of the historical buildings downtown, they wanted residents to see how the downtown area was changing.

All the business doors were open.

To their surprise over 5,000 people attended the first Shelton Day, so they had no choice but to block the road. No one was expecting such a massive turn out.

Howe Ave. crowd Shelton Day 2001

The Anniversary of Shelton

Shelton Day in 1985 marked the 70th Anniversary of Shelton.

Through the years it has grown so much that vendors from outside Shelton have come to get involved and have a good time.

When is the best time to go to Shelton Day 10am or 2pm ?

Food food food! Fried dough

More Pictures of Shelton Day

- a view from my balcony early in the morn... view from balcony
- Vermont Maple Syrup... Vermont Maple syrup
- a view of Howe Ave looking north... view north
- Balloons ready for the day... lots of balloons
- Cotton Candy is ready to sell... lots of cotton candy
- Plenty of fun rides for the kids... fun rides
- Vendors of arts and crafts... arts and crafts
- The Shelton Boys and Girls Club... Teen Supreme

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