The Shelton Derby Dam

These are pictures of the Shelton Derby Dam on Housatonic River.

The Ousatonic Water Company, with Edward Shelton as it's president.

Edward planned the building of the dam for the purpose of increasing and powering factories being built along the river.

This was in 1863. This is the dam which caused the Industrial Revolution in Shelton.

Derby-Shelton Dam Close up

The top picture was taken from a cliff in Riverview Park.

This picture below is the view towards downtown Shelton.

View of Shelton Canal Shelton Locks

This is all that is left of the canal, originally it ran for a couple miles, and you can see where it now stops in the distance.

After electricity became so convenient, the factories stopped using the canal as a source of power.

See the railroad tracks on the right? They connect to this railroad bridge downtown.

Riverview Park Water Trough Another Closeup

This bottom photo looks like a very old fountain, but it may have been a watering trough. It has flowers growing in it every Spring. On the front it says ERECTED, and then has the Roman numerals MDCCCXCVIII, which is 1898. Off to the left, is another smaller watering trough. See what is left of the canal from downtown

View of the Dam from Derby

I also have pictures of the dam taken from the Derby side. There was a problem in the structure of the first dam. They built it upright, and it washed out in Jan of 1891, because of spring rains, and huge ice jams. When they rebuilt it, they got smart, and made the downward side sloping instead of straight up and down, so this dam you see is the same one they finished in Oct. 1891.

Great Fishing SpotDerby to Shelton Dam

This is also a very popular fishing spot. We didn't realize this until we got there. Fishermen were lined up from the dam all the way down as far as we could see. So, the Shelton side of the dam pretty much has to be viewed from a cliff in Riverview Park. The Derby side is close to the water.

Derby Dam parking area.View of dam from Derby

Getting to the Derby side of the dam is pretty tricky, because there aren't any signs saying, "This way to the Derby Dam." You have to turn by a factory, make a right, and follow it to the parking lot you see in the picture. The old dam house is still there, and there was a sign posted saying something about being open during the week.

This information is gathered from our own personal trips to Shelton CT. Information on the pages may change as far as restaurants, hotels, things to do, etc.

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