New Condos in Shelton
River Ridge Condominiums
Crecent Village

Shelton is absolutely going crazy building condos.

They are going up everywhere.

Yes, there is a housing shortage, but they are removing whole sides of hills to accommodate condos!

These condos going up are called the New RiverRidge Condominiums

They are located here on River Road in Shelton, which is Route 110.

They have built two sets of condos in a very specific scenic area.

The condos have a great view of the Housatonic River for one thing, so these condos can't be cheap.

View of Condos

The condos appear to be completed. See the most recent pic taken on 4/20/06.

Last year they built a set of condos down by Lafayette School and also a little further south on River Road. See other condos. People were snapping them up right away.

They're also building up an area at old Stratford Road and Bridgeport Rd. I thought they were going to build condos there, but it looks like a well-needed shopping center is going in, along with Shelton's first Outback Steakhouse.

New Condos

Okay, you got me, Shelton is a very nice place to live. We're down in the Naugatuck Valley and it is very scenic around here. Lots of winding roads and hills, and the beautiful Housatonic River.

One thing about living on River Road, is that it is easily accessible to the Merritt Parkway. So if you have to commute, there you go!

More River Ridge Condo Pictures

- View looking south while driving... condos south
- Closer picture of the condo structure... condo balcony
- River Ridge condominiums looking north... condo view north
- A quick photo of the river looking north... river view north
- A quick pic of the river looking south from the condos... view river from condos

More Condos coming!

Oh my, they tore down the historic PineCrest Restaurant and a now a whole village of condos is going up. Wow, amazing. Actually they are townhouses and they named it Crescent Village.

Crescent Village

The sales are going through Century 21 but they took down the phone number. They must have been swamped with calls.

Pictures of Crecent Village

- Cresent Village north entrance ... Crescent Village north entrance
- Crescent Village south entrance... Crescent Village south entrance.
- Picture of entrance, which is now finished.... street entrance
- View most recent pic taken on 4/20/06... Crescent Village

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