Shelton South Bank Park

We really enjoy our photography, and we live about 2 blocks from South Bank Park, so taking pictures was easy.

South Bank Park is a popular place to go fishing, but the city closes the gates to the small parking area at sunset.

In the little park area there is an old stone building which some say was a garage years ago, but it has been renovated to be a picnic shelter.

Looking north South Bank Park The old building

When you look straight across from the park there is an island. Beyond the island on the Derby side is a golf course.

View looking south at South Bank Park The bedrock

A friend told us that years ago in the winter, when the Housatonic used to freeze over, they played ice hockey on the river.

Southbank Park sunset View from the road

During the summer, boats coming up the river, park and picnic on the island.

We went to the island once via the Derby side at low tide. It was an adventure, plus we had to leave before the tide came back in, so we wouldn't get stuck.

It appeared to us that the island was used for partying years ago, but I guess they put a stop to that.

South Bank Park is located on Hwy. 110 or as we call it River Road. The whole drive through here is very scenic.

This information is gathered from our own personal trips to Shelton CT. Information on the pages may change as far as restaurants, hotels, things to do, etc.

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