The Shelton Senior Center

These are photos of the new Shelton Senior Center they just built downtown.

We were able to get pictures of the construction from beginning to end.

It now stands completed and occupied for the seniors. They called it Ripton Place.

The property was at one time the site of the old Huntington Piano factory.

The Huntington Piano factory was initially a five story building.

Shelton Senior Center Early morning sunrise

There was a fire and it took off the top two floors. In the 1930's it became the Boys and Girls Club.

Adding the facade Ladders and Scalloping

The city razed the property and was going to build a park there, but some developers wanted a Senior Center in the downtown area and so they built it here.

Back of the Senior Center Senior Center on Shelton Day

More Pictures of the New Senior Center

- a view looking south... looking south
- a picture of seniors relaxing on the porch... senior center porch
- a picture of the entrance... Ripton Entrance 423 Howe Ave

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