Old Shelton Railway Postcards

Edward Shelton built the canal in downtown Shelton.

The first postcard is of the canal that Edward Shelton built, and it ran almost the entire length of downtown Shelton.

You can see the Shelton train depot on the left, the old factory on the right was a paper mill.

They filled in the canal with dirt, after electricity became common use in the factories, and they were not so dependent on water power.

Shelton CT 1800's Canal St

There are still certain spots that are undeveloped. For instance, there is still a small bridge that goes over the canal that is still there. You can see the train tracks run on both sides of the canal in the postcard, and in this picture is what remains.

2005 view of Canal Street

However, as I walk along this area, I can still see the old tracks revealed where the asphalt road did not cover them and they are in weeds. Also I had a hard time locating the exact spot where the postcard picture was taken.

The canal bridge that I stood on to take the picture, must be higher than the original bridge that they stood on, to take the postcard picture. See the other end of the canal from Riverview Park

1900's Howe Avenue South

This first postcard dates from the early 1900's, and you can see the trolley track heading south on Howe Avenue.

Howe Ave 2005

The picture I took amazingly reveals the same buildings still standing. The red building on the right was the original police station, and housed several other city offices upstairs.

View a picture of a steam locomotive crash.

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