White Hills Fire Dept.

The White Hills in the northern section of Shelton, and has a volunteer fire station too.

The area called White Hills was one of the first areas to be settled. There are still a lot of farms and homesteads, like Jones Farm.

I was passing a shopping center one day and saw that the fire department were having a Mother's Day Flower Sale to raise funds for the department.

All the volunteers are very nice. I would like to have a job as a volunteer firefighter.

See a pictureof the White Hills voluteers

White Hills on parade White Hills volunteers

More Pictures of White Hills Firetrucks

White Hills antique firetruck Engine 53

Here is a picture of the antique firetruck that White Hills drove in the Memorial Day Parade.

There are fire hoses attached to the sides and on the other side is ladders.

Fire Fighter Websites

Fire Rescue 1
National Firefighter
PA Firefighters

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