Shelton Plumb Memorial Library

These are photos of the Plumb Memorial Library in Shelton, CT.

It is named for D. W. Plumb. He was born in Bridgeport in 1809 and schooled there.

He moved to Derby and then to Ansonia, and became a successful businessman because he was just and fair in his management, and very organized.

When Mr. Plumb moved to Shelton, he had the desire to improve education, and began to think about building a free library.

Arched entrance Plumb Memorial Library

The plans were drawn up for a new building, but Mr. Plumb unexpectedly died before seeing the library built.

Plumb library clock Detail around column

His brother then took it upon himself, and built the library as a memorial to him.

Wall detail Library facade detail

The building was completed in 1894, which is the conversion of the Roman numerals you see, and is a perfect example of Romanesque architecture, which uses the vaulted and circular ceilings.

Romanesque -The dominant style of art and architecture in Europe from the 8th to the 12th century, characterized in architecture by Roman precedents, specifically the round arch and barrel vault.

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