Shelton CT Post Office

Here's a New England winter picture of the Shelton Post Office.

All of this snow made the post office very picturesque.

This picture was taken early in the morning.

The Shelton Post Office was first opened in 1894.

The area it was built on was originally a sheep pasture owned by the Perry family.

Shelton's old post office Shelton post office

This is a closer view of the main entrance of the Shelton Post Office.

The Post Office is located on Bridge Street, between Howe Avenue and Center St.

View above Post office Post Office in winter

Before the Shelton Post Office was built, the residents of Shelton used the Post Office in Derby across the Housatonic river to do their mailings.

Post Office vehicles Me working for the Post Office

See the rainy day post office from my window... rainy day
Also see the Ansonia CT Post Office where you can get a passport

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