Huntington Piano Factory
Shelton, CT

Do you have an antique piano made by the Huntington Piano Company?

The property that the new Shelton Senior Center

sits on, was at one time the site of the old Huntington Piano factory.

The Huntington Piano factory was initially a five story building built in 1894.

See the location of the Huntington Piano Company.

See another view of the Huntington Piano factory

View of 1800s Huntington Piano Factory View of front of piano company Sterling Piano Company

The third picture is the Sterling Piano Factory that was in Derby built along the shore of the Housatonic River.

It was a huge factory, and apparently owned or bought out the Huntington Piano Company.

There was a fire in 1922, and it took off the top two floors. In the 1930's it became the Boys and Girls Club.

One Shelton resident, Ralph Matto, recalled that in 1945 he was in the building shooting pool, when he heard over the radio that President Roosevelt had a stroke.

Some years later, a youngster used a match to set fire to the building and it burned down.

Bulldozer at Huntington Piano Factory site View from Huntington Piano Factory basement window Shelton Senior Center

On the left, I have a picture of a bulldozer starting to dig out the basement of where the Huntington piano factory was.

The next picture I took out the window of the newly constructed parking garage, that was built instead of a basement.

The view out the window would have been the same as if you were standing in the basement of the old piano factory in the 1800s.

The newly completed Senior Center was built on the property in it's place.

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