Echo Hose Fire Trucks

These are photos of Shelton's very own hook and ladder, the Echo Hose fire truck.

Echo Hose was established in 1882.

First hook and ladder

The first hook and ladder they carried by hand, then they had a horse drawn one.

In the 1920's they got their first hook and ladder fire truck.

Fire Truck Echo Hose Engine 2

Echo Hose is located in downtown Shelton near the Post Office,

and right across the street from where they have the St. Joseph's Carnival.

This first picture was taken at the Memorial Day Parade

Reflection of flag Volunteer secures flag on Fire Truck

Shelton Day in October 2001 was a memorable day for Echo Hose.

In the photo you see a volunteer firefighter attaching the American flag to the top of the ladder.

This was done to pay tribute to 9/11.

More Pictures of Echo Hose

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