Shelton Building Fire

About ten oclock one morning I was awakened by the sound of sirens.

A building that was used by the veterans had caught fire not even a block away from where I lived in on Howe Avenue in downtown Shelton.

The building was old and it's such a shame to see historical 1800's buildings burn.

All the fire departments responded, and it was put out quickly.

The firefighters kept the neighboring building from catching fire, by dowsing it with water.

Early smoke at building fire

I didn't have a good camera at the time, but these were the pictures I was able to get because the whole area was secured.

Firefighters on roof at Building Fire Smoke gets more intense

One interesting thing about the billboard on the building next to the fire, it had a ad that said, " You think smoke knows how to stay in the smoking section?"

This lot has been vacant several years now, and is fenced off. I'm sure they have future plans for it because it's prime real estate.

Early morning fire Residents watch

Fire Fighter Websites

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National Firefighter
PA Firefighters

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