Shelton History Center

The Marks-Brownson home

The History Center is located in Huntington, a borough of Shelton.

Here is a view of the buildings on the property including the 1803 Marks-Brownson home that was moved from downtown Shelton in 1970.

It belonged to Harry and Gertrude Brownson. They were farmers and grew flowers for Bridgeport florists.

Mark Brownson farmhouse Evening view CT farm house

The Wilson Barn

There is a big old red historical barn on the property called the Wilson Barn and it was remodeled. It now provides information, displays and photographs of the City of Shelton.

Tours are provided and the barn has a gift shop. Also there is a one room school house, the Trap Falls School. The trap falls school house is the last one left and was built in 1871.

Back of the farmhouse Side of the farmhouse

The New England Salt Box

Adding a single-story lean-to shed to the back of a one-and -one-half or two-story, one-room deep house was the most practical method of gaining more space. The resulting shape of this new house was that of a medieval saltbox, hence it's name.

In most saltboxes the lean-to addition was divided into three rooms: a central kitchen with its new fireplace and oven; a borning room, reserved for childbirth and the ill; and a pantry. Sometimes a rear stair, located near the pantry, led up to a low-ceilinged storage space.

More Pictures

- the farmhouse from the side... side of farmhouse
- a picture of the front porch... front porch

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